Guess what? IBM POWER9 is more cost effective and works faster!

Quelle surprise…but to deliver the maximum benefit successfully to your business, you need to work with IBM POWER experts


The new POWER9 systems from IBM improves performance by circa 25%, delivering more per core and potentially reducing IT OPEX for thousands of IBM AIX, iOS and Linux customers. Taking advantage of this will enable existing legacy POWER customers to position their business for the big IT challenges, now and ahead – Big Data, AI, overcoming reduced budgets, 24×7 IT operations, and more. Applied Technologies have a 30-year history in IBM midrange solutions and our team can help you understand the new IBM POWER9 offering, support you in building your business case and work jointly on a project plan to move you seamlessly from your legacy hardware.

Small Enterprise Servers

IBM Power Systems small enterprise servers offer your clients easy-to-deploy, cost-effective and energy efficient application, consolidation or stand-alone servers for Linux, UNIX and IBM i workloads. They have up to 24 cores and provide enhanced cloud economics and security to give businesses scale-out deployment options for data-centric applications.

Scale-out Servers

IBM Power Systems scale-out servers deliver the flexibility your clients need for seamless data centre and cloud integration while achieving new insights faster through acceleration. Scale-out servers are different by design. They are engineered at every level to be more powerful and more open than anything else your clients can get.

Large Enterprise Servers

IBM Power Systems servers equipped with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation enable your clients to accelerate their IT infrastructure for cloud transformation. These systems offer high availability, increased security, rapid scalability, and simplified maintenance and management while helping drive business growth.

Applied Tech deliver experience and expertise

No other business has more experience in IBM POWER Systems design and implementation

IBM Power Systems: Small Enterprise Servers

Scale-out servers for AIX, IBM i and Linux

Next generation POWER9-based IBM Power Systems servers are designed for cloud deployments. With built-in PowerVM virtualization, Power Systems servers allow clients to build a cloud any way they want to—private, hybrid or multi-cloud. With industry-leading reliability, these servers are optimized for AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems and designed for data-intensive mission-critical workloads, like Db2 and Oracle.

  • Build a cloud your way – POWER9 servers are cloud-ready, and built-in PowerVM virtualization with mobility provides complete cloud enablement to help you rapidly deploy, optimize and recover workloads.
  • Connect to AI capabilities – Extend IBM i, a truly integrated operating system, and connect to the cognitive capabilities of the IBM Cloud using secure APIs.
  • Gain insights faster – Take advantage of 4TB in-memory database capabilities for Db2 and Oracle and smart acceleration enabled by Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) technologies.
  • Migrate quickly and simply – Live partition mobility capabilities and a temporary IBM PowerVM license for your existing server help make it easy to migrate from previous Power Systems to POWER9.
  • Stay available – Increase availability with integrated workload mobility, rapid capacity expansion and disaster recovery capabilities. Stay online 24/7 with RAS and high availability features.
  • Shipped Secure – These IBM Power Systems are designed to run AIX, IBM i and Linux and are pre-loaded with firmware and operating system security patches that mitigate known Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

IBM Power Systems: Scale-out Servers

Servers that are different by design — industry disruption without disrupting the data center

Give your customers the flexibility they need for seamless data center and cloud integration. Show them how to achieve new insights fast through acceleration. IBM Power Systems scale-out servers are engineered to be more powerful and open than anything else available. Empower your customers to put highly data-intensive analytics workloads on the servers that were born to run them.

IBM Power Systems: Large Enterprise Servers

Servers that accelerate transformation of IT infrastructure for the cloud

Business climates evolve, and the cloud has fundamentally changed how IT builds new apps, delivers services and consumes compute and software resources. Your clients need an infrastructure that adapts quickly. IBM Power Systems large enterprise servers with OpenStack-based cloud management and open source automation allow your clients to increase business growth and help simplify management.

  • Realize enterprise cloud potential – Move more workloads to the cloud and capitalize on greater efficiencies with higher utilization and performance capabilities, scale out and up features and built-in robust security.
  • Enable DevOps to full production – Utilize OpenStack based cloud management to enable dev ops management for full production for AIX, IBM i and Linux workloads.
  • Hybrid cloud support – Manage private, public or dedicated cloud resources with single management tool while and secure connecting workloads with cloud-native apps for fast response to quickly changing business priorities.
  • Adapt to changing business demands – Manages fluctuating business demands with dynamic, on-demand private cloud capacity.
  • Leverage fit-for-purpose technology – IBM Power Systems deliver fit-for-purpose technology that optimizes workloads, data and cloud to support your most critical business requirements and help you engage your customers.
  • Cloud maximizes IT resources – Cloud computing can streamline service delivery, and improve IT economics through automation and higher utilization of resources.
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